How Do You Wear High-Waisted Shorts?

When wearing high-waisted shorts, make sure that they are the correct size, and pair them with a top that makes the area around the waist appear slim. Wearing a supportive bra that lifts the breasts up closer to the collar bone is also essential to creating the right body silhouette when wearing high-waisted shorts. It is also important to wear heels instead of flats to create the best body proportions.

High-waisted shorts that are too tight or too loose create an unflattering appearance. Wearing the shorts in the correct size ensures that they create a more tailored appearance while providing good coverage in the back. A bulky top does not work well with the shorts because it must be tucked in to create the right silhouette. A simple T-shirt or tank top works well with the shorts, although shirts with longer sleeves look best when the sleeves are rolled up for this style.

Bras that do not offer proper support allow the bust to droop towards the waist, which destroys the hourglass figure the look creates. This is especially true for women that have a larger bust. A bra that fits poorly also creates back fat and adds volume to the chest area. This takes away from the visually slimming effect the high-waisted look provides. High-waisted shorts are designed to be worn with shoes that add height because they are designed to make legs appear naturally longer.

For work, high-waisted shorts with a conservative length and fit in a fabric such as linen are a good choice when paired with a button-up top and jacket. For evening wear, a bright or dramatic pair of shorts in a luxury fabric such as silk work well when finished with a classic, simple tank top and handbag. For weekend casual wear, cotton or denim high-waisted shorts of any length look great and feel comfortable topped with a knit top and vest.