How Do You Wear High Heels Without Pain?


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To wear high heels without experiencing pain, make sure that they are the correct size and that they fit properly. Adding cushioned inserts to high heels and taking them off periodically throughout the day to stretch the ankles and toes also prevents pain from occurring. The shoes should also have thick heels for extra stability and thick soles to offset the pressure caused by walking.

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A woman's foot size changes over time, so the length and width of the feet must be measured each year or right before buying a new pair of heels to ensure that they fit well. Shoes that fit properly have a snug fit that is not overly tight, to prevent the feet from sliding forward in the shoes. High heels that do not fit properly place extra pressure on the toes, which causes pain.

Women that experience pain in the balls of their feet or those who stand for long periods of time while wearing high heels may benefit from using silicone metatarsal pads inside of their shoes to act as shock absorbers. Foot pain that is caused by high heels is also prevented by wearing heels that distribute the body's weight across the shoes evenly. Even weight distribution also provides better balance when walking, which relieves the pain that high heels cause.

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