How to Wear the French Fourragere?

The French Fourragere must be worn from the left shoulder with a pencil attachment on the blue dress coat of either an officer or enlisted man. The precise instructions can be found within the Marine Corps Uniform Regulations.

Throughout World War I, the French Government gave out awarded decorations to the American units that were particularly helpful in fighting. This included 156 American units from brigades to sections. The awarded decorations were the Criox de Guerre, or the Cross of War, and the Fourragere. Whenever the Fourragere was awarded, it would become part of the uniform. Any member of the unit would wear the decoration.

The French Fourragere was created by the Spanish general, the Duke of Alva. It was also used by Napoleon in World War I. Marines of the Fifth and Sixth Regiments were given three citations in 1918. Two were for the Orders of the Army and one was for the Orders of the Corps, which included the Fourragere. Marines in these regiments are able to wear the Fourragere as part of their uniform.

The Fourragere is made up of a braided rope and a spike. It symbolizes the brave, courageous fighting and effort put forth by the warriors who have fought in the past. It is meant as a decoration and an inspiration.