What Do You Wear to a Fashion Show?

Choose what to wear to a fashion show by learning about the featured designers and their collections. Pay homage to the show by wearing a designer's piece from a previous collection, or create a statement by wearing a bold accessory.

Selecting an outfit for a fashion show requires research of featured designers and guests, a confident attitude and a sense of humor. Choose an outfit that is classic, dressy, trendy, edgy or wild. For inspiration review collections of featured designers or photos of attendees from previous shows.

For a classic look, pair a crisp button-up blouse with feminine accessories and an A-line skirt. Dress up with a silk shift dress and pointed-toe stiletto pumps, or sport a trendy look with a motorcycle jacket and boyfriend jeans with flats. To look edgy, sport slicked-back hair, a tunic tee, leather leggings and combat boots. For a wild statement, wear adventurous makeup with purple lipstick or bright gold eyeliner. Black and white are always fashionable and can be accessorized with various colors.

Try not to take the outfit selection process too seriously or become nervous about judgment by other guests. The audience is likely to be filled with fashion lovers who appreciate different looks, so select an outfit that feels authentic and comfortable.