How Do I Wear Eyeshadow?

Wearing eyeshadow is a matter of blending shades together, choosing the correct colors and using the right kind of brushes. Beauty expert Julyne Derrick at explains that setting eyeshadow with primer helps keep the shadow fresh throughout the day.

Blending colors of eyeshadow is crucial when it comes to creating a good look. Brushes designed for blending make it easy to wear multiple colors seamlessly.

A woman who wants to figure out her best eyeshadow colors may visit a cosmetics counter or store for professional guidance. In general, the best color choices are those across the color wheel from the natural eye color. Brown eyes wear blues, greens and purples well. Both blue and green eyes do well with taupes and browns. In addition, gold complements blue eyes, and pink looks good with green eyes. advises staying away from shimmer eyeshadows or using them sparingly as shimmer emphasizes heavy lids, lines and wrinkles.

The foam applicators that come with eyeshadows are not the best applicator option. For a better look, use quality brushes. Besides a blending brush, every woman should have a small brush for applying shadow to the eyelid crease, an angled brush for applying eyeshadow as eyeliner and a medium-sized brush for general eyeshadow application.