How Do You Wear Eye Makeup?


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To apply eye makeup, one first prepares eyelids with concealer then eyeshadow primer. Next, eyeliner is applied before eyeshadow is placed on the lid and highlighter is added to the brow area. Eyelashes are then curled and mascara is applied as the finishing touch, suggests About.com Beauty.

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How Do You Wear Eye Makeup?
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Concealer should be applied beginning at the inner corner of the eye, under the pupil then lastly on the outer edge, advises Julyne Derrick of About.com Beauty. One next applies eyeshadow primer to keep the eyeshadow in place. Next, eyeliner is applied with a pencil or slanted brush from the inner corner of the eyelid to the outer, then from the middle of the eye out on the bottom lid. Eyeshadow is then applied with first a light color, a medium color and then a darker color in the crease. Highlighter is next applied to the inside part of the eyelid, and then to the brow. The final step in applying eye makeup is curling the eyelashes before applying mascara.

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