What Do You Wear With a Denim Shirt?

wear-denim-shirt Credit: Tetra Images - Jessica Peterson/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

The denim shirt is a classic look that pairs with anything. Wear it with jeans of a different wash, floral print or colored jeans, or wear it with shorts or a skirt. It can be buttoned or worn in place of a cardigan with a top or tank underneath.

A denim shirt can be worn with bright or neutral colors, and it can be dressed up or down in a more casual fashion. Pair it with heels and skinny jeans if a dressed up look is the goal, or accessorize with a scarf for a cozy winter statement.

In the spring and summer months, denim shirts can be worn with shorts and sandals or even over a sundress, maxi dress or skirt for extra style. It also pairs well with a trendy blazer and a shirt to create a more sophisticated look. The sleeves can be full length or cuffed depending on the season or personal preference. They can also be tied to show midriff if desired.

Denim shirts can be purchased in various shades and washes of denim, so there is a lot of possibility and variants in outfit choices. If you wear the denim shirt with jeans, make sure that the washes are different.