How Do You Wear a Collared Shirt Under a Sweater?

wear-collared-shirt-under-sweater Credit: Ian Ross Pettigrew/Moment/Getty Images

Choose a collared shirt that fits closely to avoid unsightly bumps. For a clean-cut look, tuck in the shirt tails, and fold the collar points under the sweater neck. Leave the tails and collar points out for a more informal look.

  1. Select a sweater

    Choose a sweater that is not too tight or too loose. A V-neck sweater works best for layering, but you can also use a sweater with a crew neck. Avoid sweaters with very high necklines or extra-tight cuffs.

  2. Choose a collared shirt

    Select a shirt that fits close to your body without restricting movement. Shirts that are too baggy cause bumps under a sweater. Wear the shirt without an undershirt to reduce bulk and overheating.

  3. Arrange the collar points and shirt tails

    Create a clean look with a V-neck sweater by tucking in the shirt tails and the collar points. If you want to look more casual and informal, leave the collar points and tails hanging out. For a crew-neck sweater, leave the collar points tucked.

  4. Experiment with colors and patterns

    Design a trendy look by mixing prints and patterns such as stripes and plaids. Experiment with high-contrast colors for an eye-catching look. In a business setting, choose a solid-colored sweater with a white collared shirt for a classic look.