How Do You Wear a Circle Scarf?


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A circle scarf, also known as an infinity scarf, can be worn simply draped over one’s neck loosely, wrapped around snugly or as a head scarf. Circle scarves can also be worn as shawls, vests or shirts.

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The most basic way to wear a circle scarf resembles the way one would wear a regular scarf. Place the scarf over the head and let it rest on the inner-most part of the shoulder, draping down over the chest. For a more enclosed variation, repeat these steps and pick up the left and ride sides of the scarf in the matching hands. Place the left hand over the right, crossing the scarf sides, and place the newly formed loop over the head and rest it on the neck.

In order to transform a circle scarf into head scarf, repeat the above steps, but instead of resting the scarf on the neck, rest it on the top of the head. Make sure to spread the scarf out towards the back to cover as much of the head as possible. This simulates the appearance of a hood or head covering, while still providing warmth to the neck and shoulders.

To wear a circle scarf as a vest, place the scarf over the head and drape it down the back instead of the chest. Pull the sides to the front and push the arms through the holes.

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