What Do You Wear to the Beach for Each Season?


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In the summer, a light wrap or sundress atop a bathing suit is perfect, while fall and spring require some coverage in longer sleeves; by winter, visitors need to layer up and even bring out coats. The location of the beach also affects the type of attire needed for the different seasons. Visitors to Cape Cod need much more outerwear during the winter than those going to Key Largo.

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It is acceptable to wear a swimsuit to the beach during the summer, with a light wrap for coverage. Many also like wearing sandals or flip-flops for walking on the hot sand. There are still many nice days in the fall and plenty in the spring, but cooler weather may require more coverage. Unless visiting a warm climate, leave the swimsuit at home. Instead opt for long pants, and a long-sleeve jacket over a short sleeve top. Regular shoes or boots are good for walking on the beach. Winter weather is cold, unless in a tropical climate, so visitors need several layers of clothing to take off and put on as needed. A heavy coat is a good idea, too.

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