How Do You Wear a Bandana in Your Hair?

To wear a bandana in hair, add texture to the hair with hair spray, add volume by teasing the hair from the front to the crown, define the texture with spray gel, side part the hair and tie the bandana over the part. To get a secure placement of the bandana, wrap it around the head from the nape of the neck and knot it at the side.

To wear a bandana in hair:

  1. Gather needed equipment and products
  2. Thickening hair spray, spray gel, a rattail comb, a flat iron and a bandana are needed.

  3. Create texture and waves
  4. Use thickening spray from the roots to the tips of the hair to create texture. To add a tousled look with waves, divide hair into top and bottom sections. Clip off the top section and divide the bottom section into two. Make rope braids on each side and flat iron the braids to seal them. Repeat with the top section of hair.

  5. Create volume
  6. To create volume, use a rattail comb and tease the hair. Start about 1 inch from the hairline and tease to the back of the crown. Spray with hair gel to maximize the volume and define the texture.

  7. Add the bandana
  8. Part the hair on the side and wrap the bandana under hair at the nape of the neck. Tie the two ends of the bandana in a knot at the part.