How Do You Wear a 1940s Hairstyle?

Women in the 1940s often wore hairstyles such as the pompadour, the victory roll, or the peek-a-boo bang, while men's hair was typically slicked back or with a side part. Hair accessories used by women in the 1940s included hair grips for holding rolls in place, slides for keeping hair off to the side and ribbons for adding decorative flair to the back area of the hair.

For women, the pompadour is achieved by combing the front of the hair into a pouf and pinning it back, away from the forehead. To style a victory roll, use pin curls to create rolls in the hair that sit on both sides on the head. Start the peek-a-boo bang by parting the hair far to the side and then using a curler to set a large wavy bang that rests just over one eye.

For men, the slicked back style requires longer hair in the front, which is then combed backwards using hair products such as grease or Vaseline, while the side parted hairstyle requires a shorter haircut, above the ears, which is then parted and combed neatly to one side.