What Are Some Ways to Wear Snapbacks for Girls?


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Good ways to wear snapbacks for girls include tilting the cap a bit with the hair pulled back for a sporty look or positioning the cap sideways or backwards with loose hair for an urban look. Wearing a front-facing snapback over nonstyled hair achieves a casual or classic look.

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Snapbacks with team names, numbers or logos printed on them are good choices for individuals who want a sporty style. Those with wild prints, vibrant colors, rhinestone decorations or brand logos suit an urban or hiphop appearance. Snapbacks made of glossy vinyl fabric fit urban clothes well, whereas those with a sports team logo and vibrant colors suit a sporty ensemble. For a classic or casual style, young women should pick neutral colors or a combination of logos and designs. They can adjust the brim upward for a friendly look or pull it downward to achieve the opposite effect.

Snapbacks ideally suit short hair, but young women can let their hair hang loose for a sophisticated style. Pulling back the hair into a ponytail and threading it through the cap?s opening is an easy way to keep the hair off the neck. Another method to wear snapbacks is to position a braid to one side or create a pair of braids on both sides of the head for a youthful, feminine vibe.

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