What Are Some Ways to Use Free Border Graphics?


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Free border graphics have a number of possible uses, including adding visual interest to informational signs, enhancing the appearance of professional documents and visual aids, and lending extra flair to invitations and other printed items. Graphic designers also sometimes incorporate free border graphics when creating website images. Clip-art sites such as Open Clip Art offer a variety of free border graphics for download.

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Designers can add free border graphics to lost-and-found fliers and signs offering services or items for sale. The use of an eye-catching border can help a sign stand out when posted on a public bulletin board. Other printable items that benefit from the inclusion of border graphics include invitations, greeting cards and children's party favors such as coloring sheets.

Professionals who give corporate presentations may add borders to their digital slide shows. Well-placed border graphics make slides more interesting and can break up dense blocks of text into shorter, easy-to-read selections.

When using free border graphics from the Internet, it's important to refer to each source's terms of service. Some clip-art galleries allow designers to use their images for any purpose, while others specify that their images are for non-profit use only. For example, all artists who post borders on Open Clip Art have released their work into the public domain, which means designers can download and use their work freely.

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