What Are Some Ways to Treat Ruddy Skin?


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Ruddy skin can be treated using a number of cosmetic products that can even out the mixed complexion caused by ruddy skin, and it is important to find the cause of ruddy skin in order to treat it. There are numerous causes for ruddy skin; one of the more common ones is rosacea, according to dermatologist Jodie Michalak on LovetoKnow.

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Ruddy skin tends to have an uneven look with an underlying redness. It can look blotchy and show damaged capillaries. While ruddy skin is commonly inherited, it can also be caused by treating the skin abrasively and damaging it with too much sun exposure.

It's important to determine if the ruddy skin has been bothering the individual for a long period of time or if the problem is only recent. Certain skin care products can also considerably irritate the skin, leading to a ruddy complexion. There are other known triggers of ruddy skin, including stress, other emotional triggers, various prescribed medicines, a lack of quality skin cleansers and moisturizers, excessive oiliness in the skin and excessive dryness in the skin.

It's important to meet with a dermatologist to find the root cause of a persistent ruddy complexion. Ruddy skin can be cosmetically treated with concealers, but it is important to understand that concealers will clog the pores, so the skin must be washed regularly while using these types of products.

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