What Are Some Ways to Tie Head Scarves?


One way a head scarf is styled is tying it around the forehead and hairline, folded lengthwise until it is 3 inches wide, then wrapped around the forehead. The scarf is knotted in the back with the tails hanging down.

A scarf is also tied to cover the head by pulling the edge of one corner of the scarf at the forehead. The two corners of the edge across the forehead are brought around to the back of the head and tied at the nape of the neck. The rest of the scarf is tied up into a bow or left loose, depending on the person's hairstyle.

For a retro look, the scarf is gathered by securing a small, clear hair band in the middle of the scarf. The ends of the scarf are wrapped around the top of the head, close to the hairline. The knot on the scarf rests at the nape of the neck with the tails hanging down with the person's hair.

For a Holly Golightly look, a large scarf is folded in half to look like a triangle. The longest line of the triangle is placed over the head, while the ends wrap around under the chin. Once the ends are criss-crossed around the neck, they are tied into a bow at the nape of the neck. The other corner of the triangle is tucked under the bow for complete coverage or left loose for comfort.