What Are Some Ways to Thin Hair?

Four ways to thin out thick hair are wash hair in cold water, use shears when having hair cut and styled to add layers, use shampoo designed specifically for thick hair and use keratin treatments to make hair more manageable. Cold water helps to reduce frizz while using shears during a hair cut is a simple way to reduce hair volume. Special shampoos and keratin treatments produce results over time.

It is important to be patient when managing thick hair and allow the necessary time to style it. Accessories such as clips and elastic bands strong enough to hold thick, heavy hair should be used even if they are not as decorative as the more flimsy items. Styling tools such as strong brushes and high-powered hair dryers are important. The hair should be kept at a length long enough to manage, especially if it is curly. Similarly, short bangs may be too unruly to manage. Braids are style options for people with long, thick hair, and they are easy to manage.

Thick hair is in high demand for making wigs for cancer patients so donating long, thick locks is a way to manage the thick hair and help out someone in need.