What Are Some Ways to Style a Scarf?


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There are several ways to wear a scarf, including the popular infinity style, which involves creating a large loop, hanging the loop over the neck and placing the knot towards the back, then twisting the scarf in a figure eight and layering it. Other possibilities include wearing it as a head scarf, tying it as a neckerchief or even wearing it as a bandanna.

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Scarves come in a variety of shapes, styles, textures and colors. Although this accessory appears most often in the winter, it is wearable throughout all four seasons.

Most often, thicker and larger scarves accompany winter outfits, while lighter weight scarves add personality to warm-weather attire. The method and way one wears a scarf depends on the season as well as personal preference.

One simple style that works well for men and women wearing thinner or thicker scarves is the simple knotted style. This look results from looping one end of the scarf around the other to create a knot, then taking the end of the scarf and wrapping it around the back. Pulling the loop tight creates a chic, cozy knot. In the winter, this method can be pulled closer to the neck to keep in warmth, and with summer scarves, a looser style done with a pashmina-style scarf can paired with a loose and breezy dress.

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