What Are Some Ways to Start Dreadlocks on Black Hair?


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The two ways to start dreadlocks on black hair are free form and manicured. Starting from comb twists, two-strand twists and braids are in the manicured category. Free form locks occur when the hair sections and mats organically, on its own.

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Comb twists are sections of hair twisted with a fine-toothed comb. Two-strand twists are sections of hair divided in two and wound around one another like a double helix. Starting dreadlocks on black hair with braids is done either with natural hair or extensions. If the braids are extensions, cut off the extensions as the hair grows. After choosing a locking method, choosing a locking solution is next. Beeswax, hair gel and aloe vera gel are among the more popular pomades, but water and oil are also effective.

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