What Are Some Ways to Sell Used Clothes for Cash?

Some ways to sell used clothes for cash include consignment stores and online auction sites such as eBay. Other ideas for selling clothes for a profit include sites such as ThredUp, Clothes Mentor and BuffaloExchange. Local consignment shops are another way for people to earn cash for used clothing.

If selling online, the most profitable items are generally designer pieces and vintage clothing. Junior clothing, children's clothing and maternity wear fare well at consignment sales. When selling online, it's best to understand what the fees and commissions are so the seller understands exactly how much he stands to make before agreeing to sell his items.

There are some establishments, such as Tradesy, TheRealReal or MaterialWrld, that allow customers to trade their used clothes for credit, and many times this means a bigger payout. The credit is then used as a payment option when purchasing new clothing at these establishments.

To be successful selling clothing, the seller needs to know what is popular at the time, as boot cut jeans may not sell during a time when everyone wants skinny jeans. Clothing on the high end is popular, but if the pieces are out of style, the seller may not find a likely buyer.