What Are Some Ways to Sell Jewelry for Cash?


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Some ways to sell jewelry for cash include selling at a pawn shop or to a local jewelry dealer. Gold parties are another option, especially for unique or high-end jewelry items.

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Jewelry dealers often offer competitive prices for jewelry items. While some dealers go based on the scrap gold price, others offer a higher price based on the value of the diamonds or gemstones in the jewelry piece. Jewelry and coin dealers typically offer more than pawn shops, so this is a good place to start. As with selling any type of gold or metal item, find out the approximate value first. Get it appraised if it has diamonds or gemstones, since this is harder to determine without a professional.

Pawn shops are another good option. They are beneficial for those who need fast cash. Pawn shops accept most items made of gold and silver, plus some other metals. They mainly go based on the scrap metal price and weight of the jewelry item. Another good option with pawn shops is getting a loan. This allows the owner of the jewelry to get some emergency cash, but he can also get his jewelry back when the loan period is up.

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