What Are Some Ways to Get Rid of White Bumps Around the Eyes?


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To get rid of white bumps around the eyes, called milia, use a daily exfoliating treatment that contains salicylic acid and wear sunscreen daily. Dermatologists also treat milia by freezing the cysts and removing them in a process called cryotherapy.

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Milia are white bumps around the eyes caused by conglomerations of trapped skin cells beneath the surface of the skin. Milia often go away over time even without treatment, so one strategy for getting rid of them is to be patient. Do not pick milia, as this increases irritation around the eye, which worsens the milia and can cause scars.

Another way to get rid of milia is to use a targeted salicylic acid exfoliant to correct the skin's exfoliation process and dissolve the bumps. Some types of milia are caused by sun damage, so wear sunscreen daily to prevent new milia from forming and to keep existing milia from getting worse.

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