Are There Ways to Get Rid of Birthmarks?


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According to WebMD, medicines, laser therapy and surgery are used to get rid of birthmarks. However, the method of removal depends upon the type of birthmark and whether or not the birthmark causes some type of health issue.

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The National Health Service of England explains the treatments of different types of birthmarks and their potential side effects. For instance, haemangioma, or a strawberry mark, sometimes disappears without treatment, but larger or more complicated marks usually call for treatment with medications, such as propalonol or corticosteroids.

Laser treatment is effective for treating port wine stains, a permanent condition, but this treatment only minimizes the appearance of the birthmark without completely removing it. It also entails a few side effects, including bruising, pain and more sensitivity to sunlight. Furthermore, the treatment requires multiple sessions.

Conditions such as congenital melanocytic naevi, or congenital moles, may require surgery. However, surgery leaves scars and requires skin grafting. When birthmarks cause no harm or pain, many people simply opt to use camouflage makeup to cover them. Even though most birthmarks cause no pain or harm, they sometimes indicate other health conditions, so a doctor must examine the birthmark in order to make sure it causes no health hazards.

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