What Are Ways to Get Rid of Big Welting Zits?


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To get rid of a big welting zit, a person should try to make an appointment with their dermatologist, apply a cold compress, use cotton swabs to apply pressure, use a spot treatment and try using the product Visine. This skin condition is often a sign of cystic acne and should not be ignored or it can quickly get worse, moving throughout the face.

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Applying a cold compress can help the pimple go away quicker. Apply for 3 to 5 minutes every day in order to lower the level of inflammation. Then, use a cotton swab to apply pressure to extract the puss from a whitehead or a blackhead. Do not use a tool or a nail, as this can damage the surrounding skin.

Visine can be dabbed on to the pimple or cyst in order to get the red out of the bump. Spot treatment can also help to deflate the pimple, but a person should be careful not to apply too much or too often, as this can make matters worse. Dermatologists recommend using a solution that contains 1 percent or 2 percent salicylic acid instead of the typical benzoyl peroxide. This is because the salicylic acid is less irritating to the skin.

Finally, visiting a dermatologist is likely the best way to remove the pimple quickly. The dermatologist may inject the acne cyst with a low dose of cortisone for fast results.

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