What Are Some Ways to Reuse Bags With Handles?


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The exact nature of reuse for bags with handles often depends on the material of the bag; for example, it is possible to repurpose an old leather purse by cutting up the leather for jewelry, but this technique is not likely to work well for plastic grocery bags. Paper grocery bags with the handles still attached can be repurposed into useful containers such as recycling receptacles or tote bags for children's activities such as trick-or-treating. It is also possible to reuse paper grocery bags for entirely different purposes unrelated to their structure and handles, including using the paper to make items such as paper kites or textbook covers.

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Old purses that are still structurally sound make good candidates for things such as a first-aid kit or emergency kit for a car. They can also be converted into portable sewing kits that take up little space and are fully portable. It is also possible to refurbish fabric handbags with a new fabric covering and it can be possible to remove handles and attach them to a newly constructed fabric bag.

To repurpose an old leather bag for jewelry, gather supplies such as a sharp craft knife or rotary cutter, a seam ripper and jewelry findings such as clasps and snaps. Unpick the bag's seams and use the leather for projects such as braided leather bracelets.

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