What Are Some Ways to Repair Split Nails?


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To repair split nails, apply an acrylic nail or add a silk wrap to the whole nail. Alternatively, trim the nail down, file it and use cuticle oil and a clear coat of nylon-infused polish to keep the remaining nail strong.

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To apply a silk wrap, purchase nail glue, nylon polish and silk wraps from a beauty supply store. Cut the silk wrap slightly larger than the nail, but cut the curve of the cuticle as close to your nail as possible. Allow the end of the wrap to hang over the nail tip, and trim the sides of the wrap to fit.

File the nail, but don't brush off the nail dust because it helps the wrap hold better to the nail. Peel the wrap, and use pressure from another finger to hold it into place. Add a drop to the top of the wrap, and slowly add more drops until the nail is covered in nail glue.

Use a small stick to adjust the wrap as needed and to smooth out any bubbles; do not use other fingers to touch glue directly. Once the nail is completely dry, trim or buff the excess wrap at the tip. Apply the nylon-infused polish.

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