What Are Ways to Reduce Puffy Eyes in the Morning?


Cucumber slices, egg whites, shredded potato, cold packs and chilled tea bags are ways to reduce puffy eyes in the morning. Puffy eyes are caused by fluid build up under the thin skin of the eyes, and the remedies disperse this build up.

A chilled cucumber slice on each eye is one way to reduce under eye puffiness.The astringent qualities of the vegetable cause blood vessels to constrict, which also helps alleviate under eye circles. Lean back with a slice on each eye, and remain prone for 10 minutes.

Egg whites tighten the delicate under eye skin. Whip two egg whites until stiff peaks form. Apply this meringue to the under eye area, leaving it on or rinsing with cool water after 10 minutes.

Potato starch has anti-inflammatory properties. Shred a peeled potato. Place the shredded potato into a cheesecloth, folding the ends over the pulp to make a long envelope shape. Rest with this over the eyes as an eye mask for 15 minutes. Alternatively, keep a commercial eye mask in the freezer, and place this over the eyes for 10 to 15 minutes in the morning.

Tea is a diuretic, meaning it disperses fluid. Place two used tea bags in the freezer the night before. In the morning, place one on each eye while lying back. Keep this in place for 10 to 15 minutes.