What Are Some Ways to Do Your Own Weave Ponytail?


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To do your own weave ponytail, wrap or bungee a weave track, or attach a drawstring ponytail to your own. Make the extension short for a traditional ponytail, or weave long hair to a bun at the crown of your head.

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After securing your own hair in a ponytail with a band, wrap the ends around the band and fasten them down with hairpins. To wrap a weave track, turn the track around your own ponytail and secure it with hairpins as you go. A drawstring ponytail is inserted into your hair with combs. Once in place, pull the strings until the extension is tight, and pin them along the base of the ponytail to hide them.

To bungee a ponytail with weave tracks, you need a hair bungee, hair weaving thread and a weaving needle. Cut the weave track into sections and stitch them together in a staggered pattern along the track with the bungee. Wrap the hair bundle around your natural ponytail and secure it flat with bobby pins.

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