What Are Some Ways to Look Older?


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Ways to look older with make-up include adding contours to the face, sharpening the nose and applying several colors to the eyes. The reasons some women might want to use makeup to look older include looking more professional and being taken seriously in the workplace.

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A soft, round face and button-like nose can make a woman look young. Using makeup for shading and adding contrast creates a more defined face and gives the cheeks more curves. For shading, it's recommended that a woman selects a shade that's slightly darker than her natural skin tone and add it just under the eyes.

Foundation, coverstick and bronzer are used to help accentuate a button nose into something sharper. It's best that the shade is darker than the woman's natural skin color and that the makeup is applied to the sides of the nose. The makeup should be well blended around the edges with the natural skin tone and finished with a coverstick of a lighter hue to make the nose look sharper.

To add more colors around the eyes, it's recommended that a woman apply a light shade just under the eyes, a darker shade at the creases of the eyes and an even darker color to the outsides of the eyelids.

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