What Are Some Ways to Look Boho Chic?


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To get the Bohemian chic look, focus on warm and rich color combinations, added layers of clothing and accessories and a mixed fit of loose and slim-fitting pieces. Complete the look with vibrant accessories.

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When putting together the Bohemian chic look, start by incorporating a rich and warm color palette through the clothing. Limiting the look to three or four color choices, begin with an earth-tone base to include black, brown, cream, white, khaki or olive green. From here, build upon the look with shades of gold, silver, gray, dark red or deep purple, depending on the wearer's skin tone and hair color.

Next, focus on layering appropriately. Consider mixing fitted clothes with oversized items while keeping the look tailored and feminine. An example is layering a basic top with a chunky cardigan sweater and a large wraparound scarf. Finish the look with slim-fitted jeans. Avoid over-layering too many clothing pieces, as this creates the illusion of the wearer being swallowed up by the outfit.

To complete the Bohemian style, choose accessories that create a statement. Big and bold jewelry pieces, such as bangle bracelets or gold layered necklaces, complement the look. Bright embroidered scarves, beaded sandals and distressed-looking leather bags also are suitable.

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