What Are Some Ways to Grow Your Nails?


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When growing strong fingernails, maintaining nail health is crucial. Scheduling regular manicures, keeping hands and cuticles moisturized with oils and creams, and protecting the nails from extreme temperatures, harsh chemicals and excessive water exposure can keep nails healthy.

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It is also important to avoid picking or nibbling on fingernails when growing them out, as this habit weakens the nails, eventually causing them to tear or break. Always carry a nail file to smooth rough edges, as not doing so can lead to breakage as well. Also, never use fingernails as tools for opening boxes or letters, as this too can lead to potential nail splits and breakage.

It is important to protect the hands as well. Use rubber gloves when handling household cleaners, as they protect the hands from the abrasive, corrosive chemicals that can deteriorate nails. During the winter months, cold temperatures can dry out the skin and nails, causing them to split, so wear winter gloves to shield the hands.

Diet is also an important element in maintaining nail health. Focus on food rich in protein, such as fish. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, and consider using a vitamin supplements that promotes nail health and assist in nail growth.

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