What Are Some Ways to Groom a Beard?

What Are Some Ways to Groom a Beard?

Men can groom their beards by outlining the beard, growing it based on the shape of the face and cleaning regularly. Men with long faces should grow short beards and vice versa for men with short faces.

Men can fade out their beards by outlining the jawline and shaving below. A fade creates a casual look, and men should use the short setting for electric shavers. The blade should also be adjusted to properly define the lines.

A razor is also effective for carving out the lines and borders. Men need to shave in the direction of the grain, with warm water, and using a single stroke is the best method. The blades should always be clean, and razors need to be replaced after five shaving sessions.

People with double chins and round faces are best served with stronger borders and lines. For instance, square-shaped goatee is an ideal form of facial hair for males with shorter faces. Men with angular faces can have long beards to provide thickness around the face. Men with long faces can have a full-fledged beard, with thickness on both sides to create balance, but the hair should be shorter around the chin and mouth.

Cleaning the beard requires shampooing first and applying a drop of conditioner. Shampoo must be used in conjunction with conditioner because shampoo dries out the face, which invigorates the oil glands and causes acne.