What Are Some Ways to Eliminate Foot Odor?


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Some simple ways to eliminate foot odor include soaking feet in a salt-water bath, adding vinegar to the bath to eliminate bacteria, and spraying shoes with Lysol disinfectant spray, according to Men's Health. Other treatments include sprinkling corn starch into shoes instead of over-priced deodorizing powders.

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What Are Some Ways to Eliminate Foot Odor?
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Preventative measures to avoid foot odor include soaking feet in a black-tea bath made with two black tea bags and 1 pint of water. Bring the water to a boil before adding in the tea bags. After steeping for 15 minutes, add 2 pints of cool water to the bath. To receive the beneficial effects, including closing the pores of feet to reduce sweating, soak feet for 30 minutes, states Men's Health.

Another preventative measure for foot odor includes choosing the right socks for the daily activity level. While nylon traps moisture, encouraging the growth of bacteria, cotton socks allow the feet to breathe. An individual who sweats often or anticipates an active day ahead can bring an extra pair of cotton socks to change into halfway through the day, suggests Men's Health.

Bacteria on the skin and in shoes feed on sweat and collect moisture. These bacteria produce an acid by-product that makes foot odor apparent, states Men's Health.

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