What Are the Best Ways to Cover up a Bruise?

Two of the best ways to cover up a bruise are to apply makeup or cover the bruise with a piece of clothing. If the bruise is on an arm or leg, for example, long sleeves or pants do the job nicely. For a bruise on the face, such as a black eye, then makeup is the best way to diminish its appearance.

Helping the bruise to heal ensures it disappears as quickly as possible. For the first two days, apply a cold pack every half hour to an hour. Avoid any aspirin-based pain killers, as those may increase bruising.

While waiting for the discoloration to go away, makeup is a good way to cover it up. The best makeup to use is a yellow-based concealer. The yellow tint negates the bluish-green hue of the bruise. Start with applying a thin layer of makeup onto the discolored area and blend outward. If the bruise is still visible, apply another thin layer. Set with a light dusting of translucent powder when finished.

Long sleeves and pants or a skirt cover up bruises on arms and legs quite well. If the weather is warm, consider wearing thin leggings or a light sweater to hide the bruising.