What Are Ways to Cover Bleached Hair?

ways-cover-bleached-hair Credit: Rekha Garton/Taxi/Getty Images

The most effective way to cover bleached hair is to dye it. Dyeing the hair dark will easily cover the bleach.

Bleaching the hair is very damaging. If the hair is still in good shape after bleaching it is possible to recolor and have natural-looking results. Deep conditioning before coloring will help the hair remain healthy and trimming split ends also helps to make the hair look healthier.

The type of hair color used to cover bleached hair doesn't really matter but to minimize damage, look for one that contains oils and vitamins to nourish the hair. Henna is a good alternative to chemical hair colors. Henna is made from plants, comes in a variety of natural colors, and is easy to use. Henna strengthens and adds texture to damaged hair.

When choosing a color, it is important to look at the tone of the hair before coloring as well as the desired color. For example, yellow tones mixed with a violet-based color may lead to green undertones. Several websites and many beauty supply stores have color wheels designed to help achieve the most natural-looking color.

To preserve the new color, one should refrain from washing the hair and only rinse in cool to lukewarm water. This prevents the hair shaft from opening and releasing the new color.