What Are Some Ways to Conceal Under Eye Circles?


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Elevating your head when you sleep, exercising, using an egg white mask, using tea compresses and using eye cream that contains caffeine helps conceal under eye circles. In addition, wearing sunscreen, using a retinoid and choosing the right makeup remover can make under eye circles less prominent.

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Under eye circles form when excess fluid accumulates around the eye. Therefore, tricks to reduce the amount of fluid that collects in the eye area such as keeping the head above the rest of the body, exercising to boost circulation and the use of caffeine to dehydrate the area are effective for combating under eye circles. Using sunscreen and a skin lightener around the eye also minimizes under eye circles by reducing hyperpigmentation. Retinoids and other collagen-promoting creams thicken the skin around the eye. In addition, using the right makeup remover prevents capillary damage to the eye area to reduce under eye circles.

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