What Is the Way to Use Perm Rods?

Using perm rods begins with opening the rods, clipping sections of clean hair, combing the unclipped sections and wrapping the hair around the perm rod smoothly. The mechanism must be fastened by stretching it across the top of the perm rod and inserting a cap in the open end. The perm rods are used effectively on clean small partings.

The first step is opening the fastening mechanism of the perm rods and placing them on a clean flat surface. The second step is parting clean, damp hair into six sections and then clipping it in place using hair clips.

The attachment of perm rods begins from the crown of the head. The clip is removed from the second section followed by the combing of the entire section. The next step is folding the end paper over the ends of the parted hair. It is imperative to ensure that the fastening paper mechanism hangs freely on the right-hand side.

The last procedure involves rolling down the perm rod in two turns. The hair must wrap around the perm rod smoothly. One must roll the perm rod toward the scalp until it is placed firmly against the scalp before fastening the mechanism.