What Is the Way to Tone Down Blonde Highlights?

Blonde highlights can be toned down by applying a darker shade of hair dye onto the existing blonde highlighted hair while using the same brand of hair dye that created the blonde highlights or by adding lowlights to the hair. If at the salon, ask the colorist to choose from the same brand for the darker shade.

If at home, then find a shade that is slightly darker, such as one to two shades, than the shade of blonde that was used on the hair. This color can then be applied to the same hair strands as the initial highlighted blonde, but should be kept on for only half of the time recommended on the box. Rinse the hair and if it is not dark enough then the process can be repeated.

Lowlights are another way to darken the hair and tone down the blonde without creating a uniform hair color. Lowlights are slightly darker than the natural hair color while highlights are slightly lighter than the natural hair color. Lowlights help to add dimension and can help to tone down an overly blonde look. However, lowlights should only be performed at a salon.

If a person does not feel that either method has toned down the highlights enough then he or she can choose to dye hair a darker color to eliminate the blonde completely, such as brown or black.