What Is the Best Way to Style a Pixie Haircut?

A popular way to style a pixie cut is to comb or flat iron the longer pieces in the front and sweep the bangs to the side. For a messy look, use a hair product such as styling cream, wax or gel, and tousle the hair to separate the pieces. Other pixie cut hair styles include combing the bangs up straight across the forehead or working the hair up into a messy pompadour or faux hawk.

For a dramatic addition to the standard pixie hairstyle, use wax to twist and curl individual pieces up and away, and top it off with a headband. Alternatively, use a curling iron to curl small pieces and add texture, keeping it in place with hairspray.

To style bangs up, similar to a pompadour, use a large curling iron to curl your bangs upward, away from the face. Then use a light styling cream or mousse to add volume, pulling the curled hair up and to the side. Comb the sides and back of the hair down and straight, and comb the hair at the top, from the crown forward, to meet the pompadour.

To create a faux hawk, part the hair on each side of the head, and use a styling cream or gel to comb all the hair on top into a point. Comb the sides and back of the hair down, or muss it by hand, and use a styling product to add texture. Use small pieces of hair to cover up the parts for a messier look.