What Is the Way to Stop Hair From Going Gray?


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When graying hair is the result of genetics, there may be little that a person can do to stop this from happening. However, if premature graying is due to either a nutritional deficiency in vitamin B-12 or a medical condition related to the pituitary or thymus gland, it may be possible to reverse premature graying by correcting these problems through treatment.

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Hair turns gray when the body stops producing melanin, the pigment cells found in hair follicles that are responsible for hair color. Although genetics may be an influencing factor associated with graying hair, another factor that can play a role is ethnicity. For example, Caucasians tend to develop gray hair by the time they reach their mid-30s, while African-Americans may show signs of graying hair in their middle forties. There may not be a way to stop hair from turning gray, but there are methods to hide the problem, such as using permanent hair color or getting highlights.

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