What Is the Way to Shorten a Seiko Watch Band?

way-shorten-seiko-watch-band Credit: Joe Haupt/CC-BY-SA 2.0

To shorten a Seiko watch band, a link should be removed from the band using a spring link tool. If the watch is still too large, more links can be removed.The links can be saved and added back to the Seiko watch band if it needs to be made larger.

The links that have pins on the sides should first be identified to determine which link will be taken out. The spring tool or fine pin punch can be placed against the outside of the link that is being taken out. The punch should be squeezed to push the pins out of the link. If the watch has a clasp, the clasp should first be removed using the pin punch or spring tool. The pins will come out of the link and the link can then be removed from the watch. The remaining links can be reattached to the clasp on the watch and the watch can be worn normally. To reattach the links, the fine pin punch or the spring tool can be used in an opposite way. The pins should be placed gingerly in the remaining link and can be squeezed together using the opposite end of the tool.