What Is the Way to Get Rid of a Pus-Filled Pimple?

According to WebMD, the best way to deal with a pimple is to let it run its course, which usually takes between three days to a week. Alternatively, the pimple can also be pierced by dermatologists who are trained to do it safely and properly.

When the contents of the pimple are squeezed out improperly, it may stay longer on the skin, which can lead to scarring in the area or cause more pimples to appear around it. Dermatologists know how to do the job the right way by using sterilized equipment, like a needle to prick the pimple with and a comedone extractor, which is a simple tool that effectively forces the contents of the pimple out.

Popping the pimple at home can be done safely and properly by following these steps:

  1. Check if the pimple ready to be drained of its content; that is, when it has a firm, white head.
  2. Sterilize a pin by lighting it with a match or a lighter then rub it down with alcohol. Wash hands thoroughly and then rinse them with rubbing alcohol.
  3. After wiping down the pimple and its surrounding area with alcohol, carefully use the pin to prick white tip of the pimple to break the skin.
  4. Press around the area of the pimple to drain out the contents of pimple. Wipe the area once again with alcohol and apply a skin antibiotic for good measure.