What Is the Way to Resize a Watch Band by Link Removal?

To resize the watch by removing links, all that is needed is hands and ingenuity, as well as instructions. Precision and care is needed to ensure no breakage or damage.

Here are the instructions for removal of links in a Relic watch.

  1. Get the positioning right
  2. Clasp the watch head securely with right hand and the end clasp opposite in the left hand.
  3. Look for removal arrows
  4. Turning the watch to look at the inside of the links, check for small engraved arrows on removable links. If watch head is in the right hand, the arrows should be pointing to the right. Only the bands marked with arrows can be adjusted; otherwise damage to the watch can incur.
  5. Choose which link to remove
  6. Grasping the link to be removed between thumb and forefinger of right hand, fold watch band to a ninety degree angle with left hand.
  7. Twist bracelet away
  8. In order for this step to be achieved, the link in question must be at ninety degrees and will not work properly if not. Twist the link away from the other using left hand.
  9. Remove link
  10. Once the rest of the band is separated, grasp the link the be removed and hold at a ninety degree angle, as before. Twist away from other links and remove the single link from the bracelet. Set aside.
  11. Reattaching the links
  12. Grasp each side of the bracelet with each hand; right hand should have hooked clasp and left hand should have the bar link. Slide the hooked clasp over the bar link at a ninety degree angle. Push until a click is heard. This signifies attachment of links.