What Is the Best Way to Remove Skin Tags Without Going to the Doctor?


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Removing skin tags without a doctor is not recommended. Using home remedies such as nail clippers, lotions or pastes to remove skin tags may cause bleeding, scarring of the skin or infection, states WebMD. It is much safer to have a doctor remove skin tags.

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Using non-sterile tools to remove skin tags at home may cause infection. Improper removal of skin tags, especially large ones, can generate excessive bleeding because there are blood vessels inside of the growths, explains KidsHealth. A doctor can quickly and easily remove skin tags with a scalpel or surgical scissors, by freezing the skin tag with liquid nitrogen, or burning it off with a hot electrical wire, says WebMD. The procedures may cause mild pain and bleeding, but the doctor numbs the area with an anesthetic prior to performing the procedure and applies medicine to stop bleeding if necessary.

It is important to note that skin tags are very common and are generally harmless, claims WebMD. Most skin tags do not require removal or treatment. Having skin tags removed is usually done for cosmetic reasons, but some individuals experience discomfort from skin tags rubbing on clothes or getting snagged on jewelry, and choose to have them removed for this reason.

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