What Is the Way to Remove Olive Oil From Hair?

Olive oil can be removed from hair using oil-blotting sheets or dry shampoo; it can also be removed by a thorough wash and rinse. However, if the hair is naturally dry, washing it again can further dry it.

Minimal amounts of olive oil can be removed by dabbing or patting the hair with oil-blotting sheets. Away from home, toilet seat covers also work because they are made from the same material. A dry shampoo should be brushed or combed through hair with an excessive amount of olive oil. A towel can then be used to wipe away the oil and powder mixture, but some of it will likely remain until the next regular shampoo. Oil-blotting sheets and dry shampoo are available in most drugstores, but there are alternatives. Paper towels and tissues can work instead of blotting sheets, and baby powder can be used in place of dry shampoo.

The most effective way to rid hair of olive oil is by washing it with a sulfate-free shampoo, and it may need to be washed multiple times. The hair should then be rinsed repeatedly until the oil is gone. For thick or dry hair, however, leaving a small amount of olive oil is fine.