What Is the Best Way to Remove Body Hair?

What Is the Best Way to Remove Body Hair?

Some effective ways of removing body hair include shaving, laser hair removal, waxing and electrolysis. Cream hair removers or depilatories are another option, but this often involves harsh chemicals that can damage sensitive skin.

Shaving is generally easy to do and uses manual or electric razors. There are minimal tools necessary, and this process can be done at home. However, the results only last a few days and some areas of the body, such as the back, are difficult to access.

Laser hair removal reduces the appearance of hair and makes it more difficult for new hair to grow in the follicle due to the destruction of the hair root. This is an expensive procedure that requires multiple sessions, but it has long-term or permanent results.

Waxing is quick, but painful, and it often requires outside help similar to shaving to reach some areas or do it effectively. This option lasts up to six weeks, and it is relatively cheap. Therefore, it is an economical option for temporary hair removal.

Electrolysis kills the cells in each hair follicle to stop hair from growing in that spot. Each session is cheaper than laser, but more sessions are necessary for complete results. For some, this is a painful option.