What Is the Way to Remove a Belly Button Ring?

way-remove-belly-button-ring Credit: Gregg DeGuire / Contributor/WireImage/Getty Images

A belly button ring can be removed by soaking the area in warm water and unhooking the ball that is either located at the top or the bottom of the belly ring in order to keep it in place. Sometimes, belly button rings can be difficult to remove and for these cases, it is recommended to try to first take a shower in warm water to loosen the area.

If the belly button ring will still not come out then do not place any strain on the belly button ring. This can breed infection and cause numerous health issues. For captive belly rings and other special belly rings that are difficult to remove, return to the piercer and ask for assistance. A piercer has special tools that they can use to carefully and safely remove the belly button ring.

If a person has never removed their belly button ring before and this will be the first time since the piercing was placed on the body, then the person should have the piercer do this change. The piercer will be able to replace the original belly button ring with a new belly button ring and ensure that the area is not infected. It typically takes 3-12 months for a new belly button piercing to fully heal.