What Is the Best Way to Pluck Eyebrows?


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According to Women's Health, the best way to pluck eyebrows is to locate the eyebrow starting points, find the eyebrow end points, decide on a brow thickness and shape the arch. Use a good pair of tweezers for maximum brow beauty.

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What Is the Best Way to Pluck Eyebrows?
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Start by determining where the inner corners of the eyebrows should begin. To do this, extend the tweezers from the brow to the outer edge of the nostril in a vertical manner. This is where the brow should begin. To determine where the brow should end, align the tweezers with the outside of the nostril and the outer corner of the eye. Mark where the tweezers intersects with the eyebrow. Pluck the hairs that go beyond these starting and ending points.

To determine brow thickness, draw a curved line from the thickest part of the brow to the end of the brow. Make sure it rests above any stray hairs. Pluck any hair beneath the line. Then, modify the arch, and taper the end of the brow.

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