Is There a Way for an Owner Cut a Pet Shih Tzu's Hair?


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Pet owners can use a pair of pet clippers to keep their Shih Tzu's hair trimmed. Clippers are preferable to scissors because they decrease the chance that a pet owner accidentally cuts the dog. Different guards are available for the clippers to trim the hair different lengths.

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The lower the blade number on a guard, the longer it will leave the animal's hair. Cutting against the hair growth of a dog results in a closer cut than cutting in the direction of hair growth. Guards can be switched out during a grooming session to leave hair longer in certain areas, such as around the paws or face.

Before trimming a Shih Tzu's hair, the owner should make sure the dog is tethered and in a comfortable location. Beginners often find it beneficial to have another person to help.

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