What Is the Best Way to Obtain Free Samples of Cosmetics?

What Is the Best Way to Obtain Free Samples of Cosmetics?

Freebie websites list daily free samples, and some stores, magazines and cosmetic brands offer regular free samples. Test groups also send free samples of cosmetics in exchange for completing a survey about the product.

Freebie websites, such as Hunt4Freebies.com, FreebieShark.com and FreeStuffFinder.com, list daily free samples, including for cosmetics. For instance, as of March 2015, FreeStuffFinder.com contains a link for getting four free samples of Julep lip gloss.

Walmart.com and Target.com also allow consumers to sign up for free samples on their sites. While their samples can be anything from food to air freshener, cosmetics do come up. Cosmetic stores such as Sephora and department stores such as Macy's also give out free samples at their counters. Usually, the customer expresses an interest in a product, and the beauty consultant provides a small sample from the tester. Customers ordering from Sephora.com, Ulta.com or Macys.com can also receive free cosmetic samples with each online order. Sephora and Ulta also give beauty club members a free cosmetic on their birthday.

Allure gives out free full-sized products at the beginning of every month. Customers need to sign up at the proscribed time -- the products usually go quickly.

Another way to get full-sized products is by signing up for a consumer testing panel. The cosmetic company sends a full-sized product. Testers fill out a survey after a proscribed amount of time, and usually, the company tells them to keep the product.